2017 Round Up

2017 Round Up

GVMA Round Up 2017

Pre-registration $15.00. Registration after August 3 or day of the show $20.00.

GVMA'S 33 ROUND UP – SUNDAY, AUGUST 21 ND th GEORGE PRESTON ARENA, 42 AVE. LANGLEY, B.C. (just west of 208 St.).  Round Up All the details are coming together for Round Up on August 20.

VOLUNTEERS: We still need volunteers for parking, ballot counting and clean up. Please sign up if you are able to help out that day. It isn’t possible for the club to host this annual show without the support of volunteers.

REGISTRATION: Pre-registration is available for Round Up. We have invited the Ford Nutz, if they pre-register 5 cars we will have a Cougar class. We would love to have them. 

STOCK or MODIFIED: Tech will be available at A&W and after the July and August General Meetings. All cars need to be teched. Volunteers need to be pre-registered and pre-teched. There is a tech sheet and once your car is teched you will receive a confirmation sheet that you will need to keep and bring with you to speed up the process on the day of the show.

WIND UP PARTY: The wind up party was scheduled for this coming Saturday, August 26th. At this time slightly more than one third of the volunteers have committed to attend the wind up. A considerable number of volunteers advised Carol that they were not able to attend due to other commitments. As you know Round Up would not happen without our volunteers. Our wind up party is held in recognition of all of volunteers and committee members that have worked very hard to make our Round Up a success. With that in mind WE HAVE DECIDED TO POSTPONE THE WIND UP PARTY UNTIL OCTOBER.

August 20, 2017

08:30 AM


Location George Preston Arena