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The GVMA Novice Show and Family Day Picnic will be on July 7 at McLeod Athletic Park in Langley. To be eligible to enter the show, you can't have won a first place award in the last 3 years. Everyone is welcome to bring their car to put on display.

The Novice Show is open to all GVMA members in good standing and your immediate family (you, your partner and your kids). The club will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soft drinks.

To be eligible for Novice Show Awards your Mustang can not have won a at any Mustang Show in the past three years (Novice Show excluded).  If your car does not qualify for the an award please  bring it out and put it on display.

The Novice Show was originally called the “Not So Perfect Car Show”.The Novice Show is an opportunity to bring out your Mustang for the first time. It does not have to be a perfect car by any means, it doesn't have to be completed and it can even be a project car. It is also an opportunity to break the ice and come out and m eet your fellow club members. We don't have a “BestofShow” award at the Novice Show but we do have a “Most in Need of a Restoration” award. So regardless of the condition of your Mustang bring it out and show us what you have and you may receive many tips, advice or suggestions from other members on how and where to get certain work done on your Mustang.

JULY 7, 2019

10:00 AM