Snake Bitten!

Snake Bitten!


Need an antidote after being bitten by that teaser trailer from Ford released for the upcoming Shelby Cobra GT500? Looking for a more potent dose than the GT350 can deliver? Well, you are going to have to endure the sting for now, but the bite is likely to be more than worth it. Ford Performance has announced that the upcoming release of the 2019/2020 GT500! 

This new Shelby Cobra is slated to be the most powerful road legal mustang ever released by the blue oval. The previous 2014 GT500 was capable of producing an astonishing 662 hp; seems unfathomable to push the power envelope again for what can still be classified as a 'street car.'  Outside the fleeting views of the new beast in the teaser trailer, Ford is telling us very little (not surprisingly), but we are able to confirm some details that have been mere conjecture up until now.

The new GT500 power train will feature a supercharged 5.2L cross-plane crank V8 engine (code named Predator) cranking out over 700+ hp (but possibly north of 800)! Such pony power is likely to launch you to over a top speed of 320 kph! That is beyond the take off speed of a Boeing 747 and just under that of the now retired 'Mach 2' (pardon the pun) Concorde passenger jet! It is safe to say that if this pony had wings, it would fly! 

 Could they be hinting at 772 hp GT500 with 743 ft/lbs of torque? Let's hope so!

But don't fret, I am not talking about an evolution of mustangs into unicorns, but rather a snake-bitten mule that is going to go bucking berserk!  The online trailer sure does hint at this horse spitting out flames from its quad exhaust tips (which is extremely cool btw). Other luxuries for this insane quadruped will include carbon-ceramic brakes and an HUD (Head's Up Display) which will be a Ford first.

The 2018 mustang brochure may have some hidden Easter eggs as it shows the digital gauge cluster with the car in 7th gear travelling at 72 mph. Furthermore, the gauge show a 74.3 mile reading on the odometer. Could they be hinting at 772 hp GT500 with 743 ft/lbs of torque? Let's hope so! 

It will be interesting where Ford dials in the final numbers when comparing against the 650 hp Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and both the 707 hp Hellcat and ridiculously mad 840 hp Demon from Dodge. But in the meantime, I say let the venom snake its way through my veins.